One-On-One Sessions


Transition In2 Plant-Based Lifestyle
Plant-Based Eating

Duration: 90 minutes.
Cost: $97.

Whether you're just looking for options for Meatless Mondays or transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan diet, this personalized workshop will empower you to make healthier choices. You will receive worksheets on plant-based proteins, herb and spices to season food and reduce inflammation, alkalinity techniques, sugar detox, vitamin and mineral supplementation and more. Our coach will come to your home and share what you need to know to reach your goals!

We ask that you complete our health assessment form, tell us about your current eating habits and frequently purchased foods, and if you can, send us photos of grocery store receipts or your current food stock in your pantry or refrigerator. With this information, our coach will customize her advice to fit your needs.

Stay At Home, Make Ur Own
Plant-Based Household

Duration: 90 minutes.
Cost: $97.

Turn your home into a "green" home! Learn how to

  • Make your own organic and eco-friendly household and personal care products

  • Rid your home of toxic chemicals

  • Start your own garden using basic horticultural techniques

and more!

You will receive resources, worksheets, recipes, and monthly tips to keep you engaged and inspired.

Extend Your Life WellBEINGness Seminar

Our signature seminar for organizations consists of several workshops. You can book us for one, some, or all of the workshops listed below. Each workshop is 90 minutes.


Earth Essentials: How Aromatherapy and Lapidary Science Offer Balance to Body, Mind, and Spirit

Discussion on the alternative modalities of aromatherapy and the infusion of crystal therapy brings overall wellness and homeostasis for humanity and environmental health

Herbs are WHOLE foods for Body, Mind and Soul

Discussion on the traditional heirloom seeds, plants, and trees used for the “healing of the nations” throughout the African diaspora. Each participant will receive a bag of seeds and farmers almanac to begin their personal garden.

The Herbal Formula for Sacred Natural Beauty

Discussion on the eight WHOLEsome foods designed to protect, enhance, restore, and maintain the vitality of your hair, scalp, skin, and nails.

Rhythm and Health Initiative

Sound therapy, meditation, and conversation about ancient traditional health remedies for the entire family.

OnePerfectluv Feast

Buffet-style plant-based meal where participants can sample food and discover new meals to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. Workshop facilitators will conduct a Q&A session during the meal. Book us for your organization's next health & wellness conference or live expo!

OnePerfectluv Feast is available in conjunction with a minimum of two other workshops. 



Survival Readiness

This course is taught by our partners, Prep Boys.
Schedule: Coming in 2019

All classroom and laboratory sessions include syllabus, manual, resources, and certificate of completion.

Classroom: Four sessions; one session per week for four weeks.

Basic Laboratory: Ten sessions. The classroom sessions are prerequisite.

  • Archery: Types and Methods

  • Active Shooter training

  • Basic Fishing (application for license required)

  • Basic Hunting (application for license required)

  • The Farmer’s Almanac in Gardening

  • First Aid & CPR (includes State Certification)

  • Foraging: Edible Botanicals

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

  • Knives: The Ultimate Tool

  • Marksmanship: Ready, Aim, Fire (application for license required)

Advanced Laboratory: Three sessions. Three basic laboratory certificates are prerequisite.

  • Advanced Urban Warfare

  • Estate and Financial Security

  • Homesteading

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