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Welcome to the client portal! Here you can sign up for the WHOLEstic Personal Shopping Membership, book your next program session, or sign up for additional months of coaching.

WHOLEstic Personal Shopping Membership

$60 per year.

This service is designed to enhance your coaching program. Membership includes one pantry cleanse and two shopping trips per season. Includes a membership to Thrive Market. The client purchases their food, herbs, and supplements.

Using health coaching sessions as the foundation, the health coach will:

  • Examine your refrigerator and pantry to assist in purging contents that are detrimental to your health goals as determined in your coaching sessions,
  • Make recommendations for herbs and supplements to purchase in bulk, and
  • Accompany you to the grocery store with guidance on what to look for when reading labels and how to choose products that fulfill your health goals.

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